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Cynthia Telles: Kaiser Permanente Honored to Receive Community Partner Award

An involved relationship with one’s community is essential to making progress in the realm of public health. This conviction is deeply held by Kaiser Permanente of Southern California, and in December, the organization was awarded the Albert R. Rodriguez Civic Legacy Honor.

Community Partners presents this prestigious award in memory of the organization’s late co-founder. It recognizes groups that uphold public accountability, fiscal prudence, and proper ethics in their community programming.

“Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to improving the health of the communities that we serve, and we are honored by this recognition of our work by one of our great partners,” said Cynthia Telles, PhD, Community Health Committee board chair for Kaiser Permanente.

The award recognized the many ways in which Kaiser Permanente makes a positive impact in Southern California through its community outreach programs. One such way is through the Healthy Eating Active Living initiative. This initiative, also known as “HEAL,” identifies low-income communities in Southern California and works to provide healthy food choices to residents.  

Kaiser Permanente is also a driving force behind, and was also recognized for, the Thriving Schools initiative, a campaign to improve academic achievement and opportunity in underserved school systems. Students and teachers alike are offered better nutritional options, coupled with programming that promotes physical activity and social inclusion.

Kaiser Permanente has a long history of partnership with Community Partners, an organization that offers expert guidance and essential services to help launch and grow creative solutions to community challenges in Southern California. Programs advanced through this collaboration include the HEAL initiative, the Thriving Schools initiative, and the founding of the Institute for High Quality Care. This institute works to make health care available to all, and significantly bolsters the resources available to safety-net providers.

Supported by passionate advocates for public health such as Cynthia Telles, Kaiser Permanente is resolute in its mission to drive positive change in the health sphere. Awards such as the Albert R. Rodriguez Civic Legacy Honor serve not only to recognize work done in the past, but to also fuel the organization’s continued efforts to create a healthier future for all.